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Jane Resture's Gold Coast Page introduces some of the special people, places and happenings/events that make the Australian Gold Coast such a wonderful place for all the residents and our many visitors from all around the world.

The Japan and Friends Day held at the Gold Coast Arts Centre, Australia, on the 29th September 2007, provided a marvellous opportunity for so many of us to experience the art and culture of Japan, as well as Korea, the Philippines and Indonesia.

The event included stage shows featuring cultural and traditional dance, singing, musical instruments and marshal arts demonstrations, along with numerous food stalls and bazaars, making available a tempting range of Asian foods and drinks, as well as other traditional items.

It is my great pleasure to be able to share with you some of the images of the beautiful cultural stage shows involving singing and dancing, etc.  


The above two pictures are of Masayasu Wakayanagi, Grand Master of Wakayanagi-ryu, Councillor of Japanese Dance Society, Chairman of Traditional Japanese Theatre Art Association

The "koto" is the 13-stringed harp-like Japanese musical instrument. Unlike the western harp, it is laid horizontally. It consists of a long board of pawlonia wood, with the strings that are strong tautly across 13 movable bridges along the length of the instrument. Players make base pitches by moving these bridges before playing and use three finger picks to pluck the strings

From left: Playing the instrument is Seiei Tomimoto, Master of Nogawa-ryu (Shamisen), Master of Ikeda-ryu (Koto) and President of Kaede-kai

Right: Tatsumi Yoshioka, Master of Kinao-ryu (Shakunachi), President of Yoshioka Japanese Music SchooL and Executive Director of the TOKIZA

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